Point Cook Providores

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Point Cook Providores, brings fresh fruit and vegetables direct from the market to your door.

No time to locate the best fruit and veggies for you and your family?

Tired of second-rate produce that your supermarket has on offer?

Over fighting your way through the crowds only to find the best produce has gone?

Fresh fruit and veggies straight from the markets to you!

Now your fruit and veggie hassles are over!

You can have produce fresh from the Melbourne wholesale fruit and vegetable markets delivered straight to your front door in Point Cook.

Every Thursday we are at the wholesale markets in Epping, picking out the freshest produce for you and your family – all while you sleep.

More time to do the things you want to do

When was the last time you enjoyed fighting the crowds, and the trolley, and the kids in the fruit and veggie section of your local supermarket?

Now you can sit back and enjoy some ‘me’ time or family time while we take away the hassle of the supermarket and deliver the freshest, most delicious fruit and vegetables straight to your door.

Ordering is simple

Ordering is this simple:

Go to the online order form and fill in your details.

Make a payment online of just $40.00 by 8pm on Wednesday evening.

Have your fruit and veggie box brimming with the freshest produce delivered to your door on Thursday of the same week.

Top-up boxes are also available if you need more than just our standard fruit and veggie box.

It’s the convenient, safe and affordable way to give your family the freshest fruit and veggies every week … and you won’t have to leave your home to do the shopping.

Click here to place your order and start your deliveries this week!

Point Cook Providores delivers fresh fruit and veggies to your door in Point Cook every week.